The results are in! Music Connection has reviewed Goodnight Suzie!

“Seattle duo Suzie & Ben Bradford will please any listener who’s looking for bright, upbeat, refreshingly straightforward material performed with a skill and subtlety that serves each song. The bright, pop-y, melodic “Sunkissed” is a vivid scrapbook of everything you love about summer. A cooler vibe prevails on “Redheads & Scorpios” – artists who’ve played to a hard-drinking, roadhouse crowd will relate to this one, though perhaps Suzie, who’s gifted with flawless pitch and intonation, could pepper some phrases (“As long as we can drink, we don’t care.”) with a bit more attitude. “Cookie Cutter” unabashedly celebrates the simple life “where dogs and babies roam.” Suzie’s voice is a perfect fit for this song.”

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