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Goodnight Suzie is a hot new indie/pop band, featuring a husband and wife duo as lead vocalists. This music is contagious! The group was born out of the popular Seattle cover band “The Side Project, and they are starting a new adventure with all new members! Their debut album “Boombox” has up-tempo hand clapping singalong pop tunes, and sweet emotional ballads. The new band features a duo to 8-piece, depending on venue, with electric guitar, bass, percussion, violin, ukulele, and even a rocking organ organist/piano player. Suzie and Ben say that artists such as Portugal. The Man, Colbie Caillat, Brandi Carlile, Benjamin Clementine, and Amos Lee were a few of their influences as they developed this new sound and style.


Their cover band, The Side Project, has a huge fan base, and for years fans have wanted an all original album. Ben and Suzie have endeavored to expand their vibe/sound to come up with something special and new. The two have put together an all original album with a local producer, and gained label interest as they launched a spring 2019 release to the airwaves. The band’s new name came from their loyal fan base. It was common at the end of a show for a fan to walk up to the band during stage breakdown and say, “It was a good night Suzie”. The two decided to use this name to honor their fan base and the sweetness in this new venture. Their new, all original music is catchy to people of all ages and is sure to attract an even wider audience!


Suzie and Ben have been in the music industry all of their lives. Suzie is a well-known session vocalist in addition to her band endeavors, and has had her vocals featured in commercials and on works by a local publishing company. Ben is an avid guitar player and songwriter who once worked for Atlantic records, and now is the beautiful balance in harmony to Suzie’s gifts. 


The two have had their music featured on shows such as "Dancing with The Stars” and have had their music broadcast in Starbucks locations across the U.S. Together, they've performed thousands of concerts throughout the Pacific NW and beyond, and they are excited to bring you this new sound. They have shared the stage with artists such as Vicci Martinez, Chasing Jane, Dulcinea Renee, Dax Johnson, the Beatnix, Gypsy Soul, and Grammy award winner Eric Tingstad.


Goodnight Suzie is a motivated group of musicians who are ready to tour and excited for radio, with polished material for live performance. Don’t miss an opportunity to see this group live, book them for an interview, or to invite them on your show!


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Reviews & Accolades

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